David Dory, Sapphire

Omnistic Worlds

Art is the one thing that speaks to everyone.
Art transcends time and ties us all together as the human race. (David Dory)

On The Edge, David Dory surreal Painting

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Inner Self Portrait, Acrylic on canvas painting by David Dory

Rock - Ocean - Sky

David Dory Omnisim in Art
Pareidorya -VS- Pareidola

Pin Ups annd erotic art, Olivia, Vargas, and the great american pin up

Pin up Cheescake

See What is waiting behind the Veil

Life and Death 3 painting by David Dory

The Surreal

"Picasso Painting Dali" by David Dory.
Dali, M C Escher, Olivia all rolled into one Optical Illusions unique to DORY.

The 5 Faces of Mt. Rushmore... find Geranimo

The 5 Faces

GERANIMO, The hidden face.

In this painting Mt. Rushmore has the 5th face
Perhaps Geranimo was the 1st face in the granite.

Venus oil on canvas by David Dory


The Planet or the Goddess

Photo Collage, Mixed Media and intorducing Slypton Phel David Dorys alter ego

Photo Collage

Hot Rods and Rides